Monday, March 28, 2011

The house regains order after ice jam damage...

Room had been dried out and wet materials removed. We put new insulation in.
It's been a while since I have been here. Life has been hectic as we have been reconstructing parts of our home. I am happy to say that my daughter has returned to her room this weekend.  It has been about a month that she had camped out in our office and her clothes and stuffed animals took on a life of their own throughout our house.

Anyone who has ever had any remodeling done knows how frustrating it can be to have your home be out of control for so long. are a few photos of the upstairs portion of the remodel.... A special thank you to my husband Kevin, who worked alongside our contractor and did much of the work by himself.

new insulation installed
The dry wall up, waiting for taping
Guess we didn't take taping and sanding are the colors selected by my daughter. Purple and blue.
Loving the newfound space in her closet...makes a great fort!
Her Bobby Jack Decor, Still need to iron that curtain! Washed it and hung it damp hoping to skip that step!
New Chinese lanterns added to her room
What is a girl's room without a peace sign? This is before the stuffed animals found there way back. I happy to say we have significantly reduced their population!

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